Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sleeping with the Fishes

On the way home from Wal-Mart last night I looked I'm my rear view mirror and in a deep diabolical voice said, "Boys, tonight you will be sleeping with the fishes, whah,ha,ha,ha".

Yesterday we adopted two needy fish from the fish aquarium at Wal-Mart – 23 cents a piece.

Unfortunately for these new adoptees, I have a checkered history with fish, our last one got the dreaded fin rot disease and was flushed.  Too bad we never changed the water...  Fortunately for my fish-loving children "all drain lead to the ocean" (Source: Nemo).  If all drains lead to the ocean, what about the toilet?

So my experience with fish is that they die.  With this in mind, my 9 year old asked me how long they fish would live.  I gave him a range of 3 weeks to 3 years.  After a little research I found that my projection of life expectancy was way off.  Apparently goldfish can live for up to 40 years!!!!  It must be true if it’s in Wikipedia...

"Goldfish may grow to a maximum length of 23 inches (59 cm) and a maximum weight of 9.9 pounds (4.5 kg), although this is rare; most individual goldfish grow to under half this size. In optimal conditions, goldfish may live more than 40 years; however, most household goldfish generally only live six to eight years.

I never knew that goldfish were such a commitment.  Anyway.  I'm shooting for 6-9 months and we are good.

Back to Wal-Mart.  So we are walking through the store and I'm carrying the fish in the bag.  The kids have decided that I need to carry the new acquisitions because they were afraid that if the bag were to shake too much, they would die.  (Source, Nemo: Shaking Bag Scene in Dentist Office).  My lovely wife begins to worry about the fish getting too cold while walking from the store to the car.  Come on family, they are just fish…they were born to die.  Born to be eaten.  And I guess born to be decorative.

We make it home without killing the fish.  The next morning I check for belly-up fish (Another Nemo citation) and to my surprise, they are alive!  Now the boys are sleeping with the Fishes.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Craig's Liveblogging of the Healthcare Debate in Congress

Hit F5 (Refresh) often to watch my liveblogging...

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Art of Stair Sledding

With the average temperatures below freezing, the kids are forced to do more inside.  This activity is stair sledding.  Have a blessed time with family next week.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Family Cat Lost for 103 Days – Found!

Our cat Daisy got out on September 3rd.  The kids were crushed and after a 20 day search, hundreds of flyers and even a blog ( we gave up.  Yesterday, 103 days later, a guy calls us and says he found our cat.

He was driving not far from our house and picked this frail white cat up while she was trying to get down a hole.  She was skin and bones and very weak.

A week later he saw a tattered piece of paper taped to a street sign, flipped it over and it was one of our flyers.  He called us up and we picked her up last night.  Wow…


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Household Vocabulary

Today Firstborn sat down and wrote a list of everything he and the other kids have named or created.  This list of over 300 items contains names of stuffed animals, games created, sayings, slogans and made-up characters in stories. 

If you want to know the meaning of something in particular, leave a comment and I’ll ask the kids to define it for you….

Kids are cool…

Abearican English
Agent Walree
Air Simmie
Allroad Suggestion
Animal Research
Apple-Picking Place
Arctica, Grant
Arctica, Private Arctica
Baaboo Baby
Baby McRay
Basement Wastelands
Bean-Eyed Monster
B's Christmas Store
B's Learning Website
B's Library
B’s Room
Benny Usborne
Betabet Theory
Bighind Bird
Billy Bob Joe
Billy Bob Joe: Escape from Princess Island
Billy Bob's Anger Management
Bleachy Socks
Blue Platypus
Bookworm Library
Brick City
Build-A, Charcoal Grill
Build-A, Coconut Bikine
Build-A-Bear Island
Burger Freak
Burrito Birthday Cake
Buttox Plant
Camper the Camp
Cardboard House
Celery Pun
Central Terrier Territories
Christmas Tree Decoration Industry
Congravital Theory
Cousin Bread
Croaka Lisa
Dim Ditty
District of Martin
Eddie Spitgar
Eddie Spitgar's Diary
E's Website
E’s Room
Emphasizo Script
Escapefromcamperoo Attempt
Evil Gross Gang of Singers
Eyebrows Real Estate Agency
Federal Landing Area Fetch! With Puff Puffman
Fire Simmie
Flower Potion
Furry, Bella Bunny
Furry, Berry Dog
Furry, Biscuit Sngravey
Furry, Brentina Beanbum
Furry, Cheeky Pengy
Furry, Flipper Hoppz
Furry, Fluffy Wuffy
Furry, Frisky Poogums
Furry, Fudge Coco
Furry, Ginger Bread
Furry, Ginger Bread, Jr.
Furry, Hipper Eyebrows
Furry, Leo Pard
Furry, Luna Moon
Furry, Mama Petey
Furry, Milo Fuzzums
Furry, Mister Diggers

Furry, Moony Lune
Furry, Ribbitz Hoppz
Furry, Rocky Dino
Furry, Ryan Rhino
Furry, Shadow Sparky
Furry, Skippy Jonjones
Furry, Smokey Bear
Furry, Snowflake Pood
Furry, Sparky Shadow
Furry, Spotkinz Leopard
Furry, Squeakers Mouse
Furry, Sweety Petey
Furry, Tabbers Tabb
Furry, Tiny Rexy Chico
Furry, Tiny Tweezy Chico
Furry, Tisky Poogums
Furry, Turdsley Frankly
Furry, Tweety Dino
Furry, Uni Buni
Furry, Unknowny Harrison
Furry Aliens
Furry Aliens II
Gora the Explorer
Grampa Joe
Great Babe
Great Cat I
Great Cat II
Great Cat III
Great Dog I
Great Dog II
Great Dog III
Great Fish I
Great Wall of Pudgles
Great Worm I
Green Platypus
Greeting of the Friends
Greg the Great
Gumby’s Pizza
Hamanium Bomb
Happy Snake
Horseshoe Hill
Horseshoe Homeschool
Horseshoe of Life
Huglantic Theory
Infinity, Googolplex, and Pi
Intercontinental Steppes
It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Sam Day
Jimmy John
Kid's Kitchen
Larry Spinkelton
Lava Monster
Lava Squid
Lemon Potion
Let’s Take a Gander at Mr. Diggers’ Shadow Festival
Little Ugly Gas Station Town
Martinian Cloaf
Massiveguy Theory
Mean-Faced Owl
Mini Meat Crunchers 

Moldy Socks
Moldy Socks and the Three Platypuses
Mr. Martin
Mr. Voliver
Mrs. Beanstalk
Mrs. Beanstalk's Horseshoe of Life
My Retarded Wedding
New Kinz
New Kitty Territories
Nonfittable Cardboard House
Not-So-Pretty Pony
Old Fat Stupid Ugly Grumpy Wrinkly Kid
Oodles Gang

Orange Potion
PB&J Depot
Paperzona Attempt
Pee Wee Preschool
Persian Poodle
Pete Piccolo Birdbingbard
Pink Platypus
Pink Underwear Pun
Poh Polka-Dotta Polka-Dotta Polka-Dotta Doo
Power Baby
Power Boy
Pretty Polly Promise
Prime Pudgles
Raggersons, Ratty Rag
Roach Country
Rock Factory
Rocket McRay
S&B Show
Sammy McRay
S''s Book Factory
S’s Postcard-Perfect Christmas Village
S’s Room
Sassy Socks
Sea Simmie
Silent Night Version 2.0
Small Woman
Sock Skating
Southern Terrier Territories
Southern Topfloor
Spectrum Pen
Squashington, D.C.
Squeezersons, Larry Squash
Stick Tree
Stinky Potion
Stone City
Stuffie Council
Stuffie Olympics
Stuffsonian Institution
Stufftropolis Hospital
Stufftropolis Tri-Room Area
Stufftropolis University
Sugar Blobs
Terrier Territories
The Potatoe That Came to School
The Roachstain Roaches
Tiger, Ti Tige
Tiger, Velvet Horse
Topfloor Manifest
Tornado Maker
Turd Girl
Two Rotten Cookies
Two Tubbies
Uncle Joe
Under the Trees
United Rooms of the Stuffie Union
United Rooms of the Stuffie Union Headquarters
Venessa City
Vitamin Man
Western Terrier Territories
Where in the World Do You Think Wigglemeir Could Possibly Be?
Zee Za


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SERMON: Created for His Glory

image I had the opportunity to speak at Lafayette Church of Christ in West St. Louis County last month.  I discuss how awesome God is and how cool he thinks His creation is, especially you…

Love to hear what you think.  I rarely get a chance to preach so -- it’s amateur hour…

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Records


When Pinkerbelle first saw the record player she thought it would slide in a big slot in front.  She said, “wow, those are big DVDs”.

My first born thought it was supposed to have a big horn on top so we could hear them.

During one of my wife’s many trips to the thrift store, she picked up a record player.  We have a collection of Christmas music on records and now we can listen to them.  It’s pretty cool.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

US Government Sues Navy Seals for Giving Terrorist a Fat Lip

Are we living in some kind of weird parallel universe?  A place where “up” is “down”, “good” is “bad”, “right” is “left” and “heroes” are “villains”.  A bizzaro world?

In March 2004, four U.S. citizens (contracted by the US government to deliver food to caterers in Iraq) were ambushed by terrorists lead by Ahmed Hashim Abed.  The Americans were dragged from their cars and beaten to death.  Their bodies were set on fire and hung off a bridge.  This event triggered the first Battle of Fallujah.

Ahmed was tracked down and caught by four Navy Seals this September.  Terrorist Ahmed sustained a fat lip and was punched in the stomach.

Our government rewarded these heroes with a law suit.  This week the Navy Seals will have to face a court-martial for protecting our interests by delivering a fat-lip and a fist to the stomach of a terrorist.

Could someone explain to me why we are wasting time, energy and money worrying about the comfort of terrorists.  They are the enemy!  They want us dead!

Come on people, we can at least let our soldiers punch the enemy, rough them up a little.  Instead we focus on giving them our constitutional right.  The exact opposite thing you would expect a country at war to do. 

I guess if it can work for George on Seinfeld, maybe it will work for the U.S. too…

See or cbs for more about this story.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reagan: Socialized Medicine is Opposite of Freedom

This is a powerful argument from our former president Ronald Reagan…

My Advice For Turkey Day

turk (1) With Thanksgiving hours away, it’s time to prepare your body for a massive inflow of calories.  I’m not going to tell you to skip dessert or cut your portions.  I say eat up and enjoy.  Here’s how to make the most of the calorie fest we call -- Thanksgiving.

  1. Burn some calories in the morning.  When you wake up tomorrow take a 30 minute brisk walk or join a Turkey Trot race.  The benefits of moving your body first thing are two fold.  First is the obvious – exercise will increase your metabolism and prepare your body to use the calories from the Turkey feast.  Second, this will help with the guilt of eating a hefty meal…
  2. Eat a light snack 3 hours before the big one.  Some people starve all day to prepare for the massive dose of food.  This is a mistake.  Keeping your body from this kind of starvation state will reduce the amount of calories converted to fat.  I suggest eating a bowl of fresh fruit, maybe a light sandwich.  Smaller than a regular lunch but enough to satisfy.
  3. Eat Slow.  The faster you eat to more you can eat.  Your body will turn off the hunger centers in your brain when your blood sugar goes up.  If you eat fast enough it’s possible to eat tons of food before this hunger center turns off.  This will lead to over eating.  So take it slow and listen to your hunger.
  4. Have No Guilt. Be thankful for the food in front of you.  We are so blessed both individually and as a nation.  Be thankful for God’s blessings and enjoy.  Enjoy the turkey, gravy, brownies, homemade bread, family and friends.  Don't worry, there will be plenty of time to exercise after the new year…

Monday, November 23, 2009

Homeless Jesus Dude Want You To Refinance

The ads on facebook are getting ridiculous.  Here is one I came across today for

homeless Jesus

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Excellent A Capella Praise Music – Free.

Play Gigs

Realistic Warfare Game: Sit and Wait for Instructions, Fix Trucks

Obama is considering the idea of thinking about giving orders that may or may not increase the number of troops in Afghanistan.   Today, after months of thinking, it turns out he is going to start over.

Meanwhile, new game came out to train future soldiers on how to wait for orders.

[Had to delete video, un-family friendly content]

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Marathon Scheduled…That Was Easy.

I signed up to run the Go! St. Louis Marathon in April 2010.  I have never ran the marathon distance of 26.2 miles.  Over 250,000 people run marathons each year so how hard could it be.  If they can do it so can I, right.

marathon_trainingI am starting a new thread of blog posts on my marathon training.  I will show you how not to train and track all my injuries and set-backs.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress (or regress).

Currently I’m doing some easy 2-3 miles runs a few times a week.  Since signing up for the race I have logged 17.7 miles since November 1st.  That’s almost 26.2.  No biggie…

To be continued…

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My View of the Healthcare Vote


This is how I watched the healthcare vote go down in the House of Representatives.  Here are some sample tweets that came across my screen…

KatyinIndy RT @Adrienne2012 Michael Steele said he's listening to these Dems applaud themselves out of office next year!

mcjj4 Our House has turned against Americans....the healthcare bill passed.

adams7kids Rangel is on now...I think I'm going to vomit.

es1999 RT mkhammer A "historic" vote for the same utterly failed entitlement mentality that's already sinking us.

@thekencook It is easy for the elite to like communism, it only hurts the poor and middle class.

bencolmery4 Maybe we're one step closer to not having all of my European friends mocking the absurdity of our health care system

thomasmmm RT @jerell "Quit worrying about your health. It'll go away." - Robert Orben


midge373 #healthcare, nancy pelosi...... omg I need a barf bag!

kiliffe RT @BreakingNews: "Sadly for America, the Pelosi Takeover prevailed by 220 to 215," @CongJoeWilson writes after passage of #hcr.

blancastella "Being a woman is not a pre-existing condition" Nancy Pelosi (watching on CNN)

DelmarvaWireman Pelosi---"kids" can stay on parents plan till age 27 ----how lovely

DetroitBougie Nancy Pelosi is a role model of how women who are bout it, get things done. HOUSE PASSES HEALTH CARE REFORM BILL 220-215!

sgoodger RT @RonPaul4Freedom: Might be a good time to point out@JohnDennis2010 is challenging Pelosi in 2010...


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Congress: Hear Us Now or Hear Us in 2010


Today a crowd descended on the capital with a clear message, “Kill the Bill”.  It looks like the healthcare bill is going to be voted on this Saturday.  That means it’s time to let your congress person know your views on the bill.  Call 202-225-03121 or 202-224-3121 to let your voice be heard. 

If you are not sure who your representative is, visit the House of Representative site.

Watch the Twitter hashtag #healthcare for all the action.  You can also follow me on “the Twitter” by clicking here -->@craigmar.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sibling Relationships: A Graphical Study


  • Big Brother is 11.
  • “Me” is Pinkerbelle, 7.
  • “Lila” plays herself 2 year old Boston Terrier.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Webmaster Skippy

Skippy has taken to making websites.  His latest and biggest project is Animal Research.  On his own, he has methodically researchedskippyanimalresearch

  • Amphibians
  • Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Extinct Animals
  • Underwater Non-mammals
  • Farm Animals
  • Mammals
  • Baby Animals
  • Insects and Spiders
  • Imaginary Animals


He’s so exhaustive he even covered animal that don't exist, the imaginary animals.imagin 

He gives practical advice on baby animals.  Trust me, he speaks from 

For Halloween he had a special hide and seek. happyhalloweenskippyI was able to find the pumpkin and fill in my information.  He sent me a great packet of stuff for Halloween.  I wont give it away, you will have to search for yourself.

pump bageling

Great Job Buddy!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boston Terrier Sisters Fight

These guys are always wrestling.  Thought I would catch some of the action today.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Family Monster Mash

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Frost of the Year and Disturbing Local Climate Change Trend

I woke up the morning to frost – the first frost of the year.  I took a couple pictures to remember this significant day.  You may think frost is not a big deal, but I beg to differ.  Frost means the morning are too cold to go for a bike ride.  It means I’m going to have to keep my garage clean so I can fit both cars.  Frost means winter is around the corner.

It’s October 18th.  Last year the first frost was Nov 11th.  Three weeks early this year!  I thought the globe was warming.  Tell that to my front yard.

IMG_4249 I like how this picture captures the frozen droplets on the grass.  This is in my front yard. 


And here is the frost on the car.  Fortunately it’s Sunday and we will be taking the van to church today.  If I leave the car out of the garage, there is a good chance I could be late for work.

So here’s to you “first frost of the year”:  Boooooooooooo!,  Go back where you came from! You are not wanted! 

On a separate note, we need to promote global warming.  Take measures locally to help keep our globe warm.  Remember to act locally and think globally.   This year the first frost came 3 weeks early just wait until 2024.

I did a scientific study of climate change at my intersection and found a disturbing trend.  As you can see from the chart below, if this early frost trend continues our first frost of 2013 will be on June 20th. 

The doomsday scenario will play out in 2023 where the first frost for 2024 will be October 23rd, 2023 - an entire year before!   This will be the the first time in the history of the earth (since we began collecting data in 2008) that the temperatures have flipped like this.  Contact your congressman and change your light bulbs – now.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

ff Pinkerbelle just lost a front tooth.  It was a traumatic lose.  The tooth was dangling by a thin ligament for weeks.  It was so loose that she was able to place the tooth on her lower lip, close her mouth and wiggle it.   I need to give the tooth credit, it put up a good fight to stay in her mouth, until it met the chocolate chip cookie.
  But after about 30 minutes it was all good…
IMG_4194 (1)

A Word About the Tooth Fairy…

I leave a note with the tooth fairy and for some reason I usually add a threat from T.F.  The one I left this time was, “T.F. was here.  Thanks for the tooth.  Maybe next time I wont take just one.”  Other notes in the past have been, “next time I'll bring a wrench”, “had trouble breaking in the window this time.”  We have fun with it and they know it’s me.
That reminds me of when the kids discovered the Easter Bunny was a fake…Funny video

Visit for more Fatherhood Friday posts.  You can also read all of my Fatherhood Friday Posts here…later….Craig

Monday, September 28, 2009

Iran: 2009 verses 2008…Been there, Done That…

“What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.”

Ecclesiastes 1:9 (NIV)

Lets take a 14 month rewind to July 9th, 2008. The headline reads “Barack Obama calls for tougher Iran sanctions after missile test. (Sorry for the quality of the clip,my computer was in the sun too long, you can see the fresh original version at


Fast-forward to September 27, 2009, reports the following…

cnn-iranIt’s the same thing just a year apart.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Art of Brush Teeth


I have been a parent for 11 years and ever since the eruption of the first baby tooth my wife and I have been brushing teeth.   For 4333 days we have been brushing teeth on these little people.  I estimate a about 4 years to go…another 1460 days!

We try to brush the 7 and 9 years old, my 11 years old does pretty good on his own.  Here is the ideal flow of our teeth brushing time at my house.


The above workflow happens most of the time, except for step 4 which has never happened.  Thinking about brushing teeth raises a few questions:

  • What did people do 200 years ago, did their teeth just fall out?
  • What’s with the flossing scam.  I have gone to the dentist many times and they say “looks like you’ve been flossing well, keep it up”.  I’m thinking, “sucker…ya I floss regularly… once every 3 months”
  • Why do kids hate brushing their teeth?  In fact kids detest anything that promotes health and well-being, why?  For more on clean kids read “A Clean Summer”

ffAnd lastly my sweet daughter.  She despises “minty”.    About once a month her daddy uses the minty toothpaste and she suffers and screams “It’s too minty” while white foam spews out of her mouth and she runs in place suffering from the intense “mint”.  Sorry Pinkerbelle.

There you have it, the Art of Brushing. Happy Fatherhood Friday.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Amazing Video: Kids Praise Obama

(Update: Sorry guys, looks like this video has been scrubbed from youtube….Why would that be?)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Six Word Saturday


Knowledge Without Wisdom Gets You Nowhere.

Pride & Prejudice – Man-Card Revoked.

I’m sorry men. I may have my man-card revoked for this one. I’m going to review on a DVD my wife has been watching while I sit next to her called, Pride and Prejudice.

pandpApparently I have seen this super long “movie” before. (It might have been some kind of mini-series) . It’s a story I am somewhat familiar with. I get it all mixed up with Emma and other movies with all these same actors. Sense and Sensibility seem to be like Pride and Prejudice. For all I know it may be the same movie. Anyway. Here is a guys-guide to Pride and Prejudice.

This is a good movie. I get the characters mixed up so I’ll just describe them as I know them.

The movie centers around this aloof guy named Mr. Darcy. He walks around pouting. It’s an easy acting role, just dont make any facial expression and you can nail it. He uses this aloof-ness to get the ladies to check him out. He apparently likes the main character (pictured to the right), don't recall her name at the moment. I though she was “Jane” but…oh yes, it’s Elizabeth. (70% sure).

Mr. Darcy is some kind of high society guy who doesn't like to talk to people below him. At some point he given a cold shoulder to a guy. He eventually gets the girl in the end but has some mental issue about it. One time Mr. Darcy said he loved the main character against his better judgment or something, you had to see it for yourself, it was good writing.

mr-bennet My favorite character is the dad -- Mr. Bennet (I think that’s his name.) He has the skill to put up with his very obnoxious wife, I guess her name would be Mrs. Bennett. My favorite line is to his wife that goes something like this (from memory, paraphrasing) “I’m sure I don't have the pleasure of understanding a word you are saying”.

He has many lines that are good but because I was reading some news on the internet while watching the movie, I cant remember the exact wording. The bottom line is he knows how to handle his wife and people around him with humor.

The overall story takes place hundreds of years ago. The author, Jane Austin wrote this story in the early 18 hundred, I think. My wife was horrified when I told her I thought Jane Austin was a modern-day writer. I knew the movie was set in the olden-days. But, it was actually written in the olden-days. That little tid-bit didn’t stick when I was in high school English class. I’ll have to check my cliff noted on that one…

What else can I tell you about this story? We are going to watch more of it tonight, I don't remember how it ends or if it ended already. I thought the movie was over when Elizabeth dissed Mr. Darcy. Done. But no, the story went on it was just the end of that DVD. Yes, it’s multiple DVD’s.

I don't want you to leave here thinking I don't like this story. The parts I paid attention to are very good. There is some great humor and a bunch of politicking and groups of girls talking trash about other groups. There are some crazy people who are shunned by other people.

There’s this old lady that this reverend talks about all the time. He is going to inherit some money from, maybe. Or maybe she is a big donor to his church or something?

This reverend is quite funny. He wanted to marry the main character but marries another more homely character. And she puts up with him but doesn't really love him. I guess she is just using him for his money, which he doesn't have.carolinebingley

There is one lady who looks manly (see right). She is like the wicked step sister and always seem to have a problem with the main character. I’m sure there is a reason but I didn’t catch it.

In summary, Pride and Prejudice is a great movie that has been around for a long time written by a great author. There is something for everyone and hours upon hours of dialog. The story lends itself to zoning in and out, maybe taking a nap them getting right back into without feeling like you missed anything. The companion movie Sense and Sensibility seems exactly the same. It’s may be a part 2 movie or a prequel?

UPDATE:  Man card revoked!!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Playing the Race Card

"I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Dr. M.L. King

kingphoto When I was in high school I went to a majority black high school.  As a white army brat that was not big deal.  Being around the military all my growing up years, race was virtually a non-issue.  My roommate and best friend was black.  Some of my closest buddies were not white.

That was 20 years ago.  As a minority in my school, I remember being harassed by black gangs and being called cracker, spook, honkey, whatever.   There was even a few times I was jumped because of my race. 

I don't bring this up for you to feel sorry for me or anything.  I bring this up to highlight that racism is racism no matter what direction it flows.

In school I memorized big chunks of Dr. king’s “I have a Dream” speech.  His message to America was that all me are created equal in the eyes of God -- Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Purple or Orange.  He dreamt of the day where his children would not be judged by the color of their skin but by who they are as a person, their character.  Sadly, that day has not yet come.

This week former president Carter made some statements on race.  He said, “There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African American should not be president."  Who is saying that?  Didn’t a majority of Americans vote for Obama?

I have only heard democrats saying that “people” are saying this but cant find any record of these “people” who are saying it.  I went to one of the first Tea Parties here in St. Louis (lead by a black man) and did not see any shred of racism.

I’m sure there are plenty of racist out there.  They need to be quarantined to the deep woods.  Unfortunately it seems that there are racists in positions of power.

Van Jones, former Green Jobs Czar for Obama said that the “white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people of colored communities.”  (see video clip)  Isn’t that racist?

Here are some of my thoughts on race in no particular order:

  • We attended a church who had an African-American preacher who was white.  He was a white man from Africa who immigrated to the US.
  • If every president in the history of the Unites States was black, Barack Obama would be the first white president, because his mother was white.
  • Why is it only racism is you are a minority being persecuted.  What if the minority persecutes the majority because of race, isn’t that racism too?

We need to call racists racist no matter what their race.

Monday, September 7, 2009

First Grader Fights Obama Indoctrination in Public School

By: Craig

We teach our kids to think for themselves and to not fall for slogans, mantras or empty promises. 

We teach respect for the office of the President.  It’s a tough job and it demands our appreciation and honor.  After all the person who is president has to make life and death decision every day and is charged with protecting our land.

The great thing about our country is you can respect the office and the individual in the presidency but you can disagree with everything that individual stands for.  That is where I find myself during this presidency. 

In December of 2008 my daughter came home with an activity booklet about our new president Barack Obama.

I wanted to take you through some of the her thinking page by page.

bo1Notice the heart with the the line through it.  She also made a sad face.  She knows our family is not the biggest Obama fans.

bo2 You can see another heart with a big “X” through it. 


bo3She crosses our the title of both pages.  There is an “x” at the top of each page.  This is the page where they learn that Obama wants to make a new America.  Who needs that crummy old America.

bo4 Find the words in the puzzle.  The remaining words spell (wait for it….) Obama!!

bo5 Draw his face.  Did you know that he is half black and half white.  The perfect one to bring together all peoples.  Kids, draw half of his face.

Today Obama is going to address the school kids to tell them to stay in school, set goals, do you best, etc.  These ideas are all good.  I read the transcript of his speech and I don't have a problem with it on the surface.

My question is simply, why does Obama need to tell the kids something they are already being told?  Is it to gain influence over them?  To be a role model?

Do I want Obama (the person) to be positioned as a role model for my kids to look up to?  I have yet to see a policy that I feel is good for this country or my family.

So, do I want this influence piped directly to my kids while they are in school?  No thanks, I will pass.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Family Cat is Lost

Breaking Newslostcat

Our family cat, Daisy, is lost. She was discovered missing this morning. We drove around the neighborhood with no success.

Daisy is a repeat offender. This happened a few years ago and she came back on her own in about 48 hours. We live in a different house now…time will tell.

More as this story unfolds.

UPDATE: 8:55am (23 hours after disappearance) no news to report. Still missing. Updating information with humane society. She has a microchip. Kids are sad.

UPDATE: 12:40am Posted on Craigslist and spoke with Humane Society. No cat.

UPDATE: 8:11pm. The national media has not picked up the story, or the plight of our kids. Still no cat.

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