Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Spendulus!

Today we celebrate a great new holiday -- Spendulus. Gather the family around and join with me in establishing this great new Amerikan tradition.

Supplies Needed:
  • Large Stick about 6 feet tall. Look for a twiggy stick so money can stick to it.
  • A pad of paper.
  • Enough blind folds for each family member.
  • Let all the participants know they will need to bring a lot of cash.
The Celebration:
  1. Stick of Hope: Erect a stick in the middle of the living room (or community center) all participants gather around. This stick is called the "Stick of Hope".
  2. Donning of the Blind Folds: The head of household or community organizer ceremonially passes out the blind folds. Make sure to do it quick and with great urgency. This symbolizes the haste that the founding fathers of the holiday demonstrated.
  3. Pronouncement of Catastrophe: The Master of the ceremony tells everyone that the house is going to collapse in a catastrophic way. After panic ensues, writes down how all the odd jobs he wants done around the house on the pad of paper. Don't worry the participants can't see what's written because of the blindfolds.
  4. Money Toss: Each participant contributes money based on their ability and throws it at the Stick of Hope. The more the better. Some of the money will get caught on the stick, some will fall to the ground.
  5. Feed the Fire of Change: The money that falls to the ground is burned in the "Fire of Change". The money changes from paper to smoke. Symbolic of Amerika's change from a Free Market economy to Socialism.
  6. Redistribute: Half of the money that gets stuck on the stick goes into a fund and the participants can do odd jobs around the house to earn the money. The other half is divided among the participants based on need.
  7. Airing of Greivances: At the close of the ceremony those that gave more and got less can share with the group how disapointed thay are.
If you are leading the ceremony you will need to reference the following materials:
Have a Happy Spendulus 2009!

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