Thursday, February 19, 2009

No More Napkins :(

I remember back before the great-ressession we use to use napkins. Good old fashion paper napkins. You never had to think twice about using them. They were good for whatever was coming out of your face.

Now when we eat at the dinner table we use cloth napkins. My awesome wife has decided it's better to use cloth.

I see the point. It's better for the environment, and other things and stuff like that, etc, etc and so forth. There is a scale of environmentally friendly napkin usage, it goes a little something like this (from the Care2 Blog)
  1. So Not-Green, At All! Paper—Virgin Fiber, Chlorine Bleached
  2. Greenish: Paper—Partially Recycled, Alternative Bleaching
  3. Green: Paper—Totally Chlorine Free, 100 Percent Recycled
  4. Greener: Cloth—Cotton
  5. Greenest: Cloth—Recycled and/or Hemp, Linen or Organic Cotton
The above list is provided by Melissa over at Care2. I would like to add a 6th item...

6. Greenerific: Wipe mouth on sleeve. Save energy and water by washing less. Skippy knows how to do this and leads by example...

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