Sunday, February 22, 2009

Searching for a New Church

We recently have been looking for a new church home. Last year we moved about 45 minutes from our former church and have had difficulty finding a church that I feel would be the best place for my family. After visiting several churches I have a few clarifying questions:
  1. What is essential? I have asked myself this question repeatedly, what are my core beliefs? It's a very healthy question. Why do I believe what I believe?
  2. Does the congregation teach the Gospel? Jesus Died for our Sins, Buried, Raised, and Appeared. See 1 Corinthians 15:1-6
  3. What is their view on Baptism? The straightforward reading of the New Testament shows people believing and then being baptized. Baptism was their first act of faith, is was how they came in contact with the forgiving blood of Christ. When people became believers the New Testament says they were baptized. (see some examples)
  4. What about the music? I come from an a capella heritage so rock music during a church assembly would take some getting use to. This question however is not one of the essentials. Music is just a preference for me.
  5. Is the church friendly? How is the welcome? Are people reaching out to visitors or more inward focused.
So, after exploring the answers to these above questions we are still on the search. I'll share some conclusions as they are made.

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  1. It took me over a year before I found the perfect church for me. And now that I've been established in that community, it turns out that my wife and I might be moving once again! It's tough to think that I'll soon be on the hunt once again!

    What I learned from my last search was that I had to trust in the Lord to lead me to the best place for me.

    I think your points to consider are great! I would also add: "What is the mission statement of the church?" If it is aligned with what God has placed in your heart, you've got a strong prospect!


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