Friday, February 20, 2009

Tell the Ultimate Tall-Tale

It's 8:30pm and a little voice from a darkened room calls, "Daddy can you tell me a story." You take a deep breath, shift into creative thinking mode and begin to spin...

I love story-telling. My favorite style is the tried and true, tall-tale. Wikipedia defines a tall tail as "a story with unbelievable elements, related as if it was true and factual. Some such stories are exaggerations of actual events, such as, "that fish was so big, why I tell ya', it nearly sank the boat when I pulled it in!" Other tall tales are completely fictional tales in a familiar setting, such as the American Old West or the beginning of the Industrial Age. Tall tales are often told so as to make the narrator seem to have been a part of the story. They are usually humorous or witty."

If you are a new dad, you must begin to master the tall-tale. Here's how.

  1. Start with something believable like, "today on the way to work I drove by a building....".

  2. Take it up a notch by introducing a few characters but stll within the realm of believability. "I looked into the building and I saw a man walking his dog who had a limp". Note: It's always good to throw an animal in the story.

  3. Devlop the story as you want by adding other variables, people, weather, whatever. Then the fun begins.

  4. I like to add some "personal" interaction. "As I drove by the man with his dog, his eye cought mine and, you wont believe this, he was giving me the stink-eye! So I stopped the car and walked over to him and his dog started barking so I ran. As I was running I slipped into a hole and started falling......."

  5. If you are not sure how to move the story along ask, "What do think happens next?" Take what they say and run with it.

  6. It's always good to end with someone going to bed. Since they child is going to bed it just seems to work. "And the monkey was so tired he went to bed dreaming about the flying cow...The End"
Have fun and happy daddying.


  1. We play a "what happens next?" story/game in the car on trips, it keeps the kid occupied.

  2. Awesome post. Thanks for following my blog! I will be following yours as well! :)

  3. hehe that's cute. my girls always liked a story to be read to them. they are now 10 & 12 and once in awhile they still ask me to read to them :) thx for following my blog...i'll return the favor. :)

  4. Very cool game! I will need to start this one up on car trips like Steven said. Cool blog man!


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