Thursday, March 5, 2009

Counting Wrinkles

My kids are great at pointing out how I am aging.

Yesterday after dinner the kids had a "count the wrinkles on daddy's face session". They never made it to a final count but the number was up there.

As an added bonus they were hunting for gray hair which is getting pretty easy to see. Thankfully gray hair means you are distinguished, right.

Here is a snapshot of my facebook picture 40 years from now...Looking good.


  1. I thought our kids were supposed to "keep us young". Guess not! :)

    In looking at that photo I remembered that our ears don't ever stop growing, do they?

  2. Ugh. I am several years older than my wife so I have the joy of already being the old man.

    I have been meaning to comment that I love the Pujols shot on your title block. I am not optimistic about the Cards this year but hopefully I am wrong. Carpenter needs to stay healthy.


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