Monday, March 16, 2009

Man With No Knowledge of NCAA Tourney Makes His Picks

I could not tell you a single solitary player on any team playing in the NCAA tournament, but I like March Madness so I'm in.

Here is how I came up with Missouri taking it all. I carefully read the teams playing each other, then apply the following parameters to my decision: (click on the bracket image to see how it all plays out)
  1. Have I ever heard the name of one of the teams playing. If yes --they win.
  2. If I have heard of both teams, I lean a little towards their ranking unless they are in the middle then I pick upset.
  3. Teams that are geographically closer to me -- then win.
  4. If I cant pronounce the team name, sorry they loose.
  5. If the team sounds like some guys name, Robert Morris, sorry that doesn't fly with me.
  6. Shorter team names tend to win more.
There you have it, a little inside-basketball for you. I'm looking forward to watching some basketball whoever they are.

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