Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poor Mans GPS Training

For those of you who like to train for races, training with a GPS unit is great. Obviously it will track your route and give you lots of data to play with. But you don't need a GPS receiver to get all the same benefits. Here are a few free tools.
The first step is to map out your workout. A GPS will work, or you can do it manually then download. This site, is a nice site to make maps on. Click on your route and it will automatically plot it for you along the roads. This makes the map clean and accurate. is a nice site that will let you kep track of your workouts, make and share maps as well as a good collection of running resources.

This is my favorite site for tracking workouts. Since I like doing triathlons I use this site almost daily. It has a good mapping feature, nutrition tacking, and swim, bike and run data. Basic use is free but I would suggest the $25 upgrade, it has better route tracking and other little features. You can upload data from your GPS unit or upload a map.
You need a good place to find races. is becoming the place to look. Lots of races will use Active to register participants. If you haven't yet you will need to register for a free account to get the most out of it.

I'm using this Spring season to get out of the house and get moving again. It feels great!

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  1. I have used for my bike rides I do. I will look into the GPS stuff since I am thinking about buying a Garmin GPS for my road bike.


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