Tuesday, March 31, 2009

That Funny Obama Administration

Parody is usually pretty humorous. This morning while driving to the office I heard this hilarious parody on the radio. They talked about the president changing the way his administration refers to the War on Terror to Overseas Contingency Operation. (Oh, my side....wait...ok...let me catch my breath.) Imaging if that was really the case, wow. The story went on to describe our soldiers as "contingency operators"! That good stuff...

I also heard some great material on a non-military force as strong as the military who all wear brown uniforms. Some "You-tuber" even made a video that look striking realistic, check this out.

Man that's good. This comic relief is great. With all the bad news today it's great to know our news outlets have a sense of humor. It's also comforting to have a president who can laugh in the face of adversity. That's change I can believe in.

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  1. Overseas contingency operations sounds kind of silly, but when you stop to consider the manipulative tenor of "war on terror" it isn't so bad.

    Certainly anyone with a shred of understanding of the miltary art knows that "terrorists" cannot be beaten by conventional military forces.

    Indeed, since our armed forces, including my splendid comrades, the Marines, have been involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, we haven't been fighting terroism. No, not terrorism. We have been fighting Jihadis.

    They aren't the same thing.


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