Friday, March 20, 2009

Why do Girls Love Horses?

My daughter loves horses. Not sure why that is. They are really neat to look at but a horse is a hundred times bigger than Pinkerbelle I would expect her to be more afraid of such a large beast.

We have a friend who owns a horse and has offered Pinkerbelle to come out and ride. We did it once and now Pink asks me most nights before she goes to bed. "Can we go ride Bella tomorrow?" During the winter I told her it was too cold. Now that the Spring is here that excuse doesn't work any more.

So why do girls love horses? Let me try to put myself in my daughters shoes and answer the question from Pinkerbelle point of view:
  1. They are nice
  2. You can brush them
  3. They look pretty
  4. You can wash them
  5. They are strong
  6. They are pretty
  7. Fun to ride
  8. They look pretty
  9. They are neat
  10. They are pretty looking.
This weekend I will interview Pinkerbelle and see how close I came with my 10 reasons. Stay tuned...

UPDATE: See Pinkerbelle's video response


  1. Such a cool, fun post. My daughter is totally into Camels...after getting to ride one during a birthday aprty...go figure LOL...

  2. I know what you mean. My wife loves horses. She rode a horse competitively when she was young. We just went to a show called "Cavalia" which was a three hour glorification of the horse ( There is something primitive about our love of horses. Just like you never forget your first car. Well, the horse was one of humanities earliest forms of transportation and we collectively have never forgotton.
    "And I looked, and behold, a white horse! And its rider had a bow, and a crown was given to him, and he came out conquering, and to conquer. (Rev 6:2 ESV)"

  3. Kids do love horses and I have no idea why. I have never been around horses but my wife grew up with them. Being around her has taught me to appreciate them more myself. Turns out they are not just for gambling and John Wayne movies.

  4. They are also a swift powerful animal, as long as she realizes that and respects a horse, all will be good!

  5. But horses are cute and pretty...and bugs? Ugly and mean! Our daughters would get along nicely!

  6. my girls love horses and have rode them a time or two. can't wait to see how the interview goes :)

  7. You haven't given her any My Pretty Pony sets, have you?

    Sigh. I know my Bea's gonna want those.

  8. I am interested to see why your daughter loves horses. I am guessing because they are Pretty. LOL

  9. I'm guessing you are going to be spot-on with your interview answers. :)

    Horses have a powerful, but gentle quality about them...that's what I always loved about them.

    Oh, and they're pretty, too.

  10. The word neat always cracks me up. LOL My youngest loves 'My Little Ponies" but is terrified of actual ponies. :D

  11. Horses are very therapeutic...that's why I love them:-)


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