Friday, April 17, 2009

Crunchy Quesadillas of Sorrow

[Sobbing Six Year Old sitting on her bed]

"It's not fair, daddy! [sob, sob, tears] Why did mommy have to make the quesadilla crunchy!"

Being a father means a lot of things. Last night it meant helping pinkerbelle through the trauma of the crunchy cheese quesadillas (they are usually are microwaved and floppy). Here is a little background information.

We were "enjoying" a loud game of monopoly while pinkerbelle discovers she cant breath through her stuffy nose. The only thing that will help is a breath-rite stripe. She doesn't get the nose strip and starts crying, causing her nose to become more stuffy and the ball start rolling. After a few minutes it's apparent that this isn't going to end well so I send her to her room.

My wife brings her her dinner and leaves it with her as the sob-fest continues. Then she discovers the usually soft cheese quesadilla is CRUNCHY! Her wails and screams rock the house, the boys burst out laughing which she probably hears making it worse.

I go upstairs and brush her teeth as the stream of tears mixed with the toothpaste, I'm sure a nice salty-minty flavor. Hooked her up with a nose strip and put her to bed. After singing a few songs she stopped crying and within seconds she was asleep.

Just another day on the front lines of fatherhood.


  1. The floppy quesadillas that come out the microwave are awesome and conducive to fast eating. Great for a quick snack. But I have never cried over a crunchy one. Not that I remember anyway.

  2. Funny, but maybe you should mention that they were buttered and baked to a lovely brown crispiness, rather than leave the impression that they were microwaved to the point of being brittle. ;)

  3. Shoot, my kid just peels apart the tortillas, and goes right for the cheese!


  4. HA! If only we all had such simple worries.

    I miss the days of getting worked up over crunchy quesadillas.

  5. Crying is a tough one. I feel like they are on fire and I just want to put them out.

  6. Crunchy Quesadillas out of the oven is one thing that can be good if burned carefully, then there is Crunchy Quesadillas outa the Nuker, ewww!

  7. I wish the end of the world as I know it depended on something like a crunchy quazee dilla, instead of all the drama of mortgages and finances and jobs. Man I like guacamole.

  8. No one likes crunchy quesadillas.

  9. Breathe right nose strips, crunchy quesadillas and taunting brothers. What else could a girl ask for?


    Dad singing her to sleep. That's what.

  10. Dinner is an issue at my house with my 6 yr old so I know what you were feeling. Happy FF. Check my FF post out at

  11. It sounds like she needed sleep an Chuck E Cheese himself would not have made her feel any better.

  12. Ah yes, the daily struggles of fatherhood that you can never fully prepare for! The section on nasal congestion and quesadillas is on what page again? As for me, I actually prefer my quesadillas crunchy, so feel free to send them my way.


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