Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Pizza Movie Night

When my little girl was born about 6 years ago we started a tradition, Pizza Movie night. Every Friday we drag out a thin mattress, throw down a sheet, get some pizza and put on a movie. We make pizza from scratch or we order, depends on the mood and energy level.

This is not a unique tradition but it's one we enjoy. Sometime I lay down with the three kids and take a 60 minute nap. It all depends on the movie (i.e. Beverly hills Chihuahua) Tonight our movie selection is Bedtime Stories, I hear it's good, we'll see.

The great things about our family traditions, is that once they are established they stick. It's very hard to get them unstuck. Bageling is a prime example. I did a Google blog search to find some other families who share this tradition.
I'm sure most of you do this too. If not, get to it. Start these cool tradition early and your kids will always remember doing ________. (Fill in the blank).

On another note: This week we all worked on this great post called Spikieitis - a dreaded disease of stuffed animals. We found the cure...


  1. We have the Friday Pizza and movie night tradition also. Check my post at: I love this tradition and so do the kids.

  2. Friday night is Pizza & Movie night 'round here too. Tonight we cashed in a certificate our oldest earned through a reading program in pre-k. Didn't do a movie but an episode of Curious George satisfied the TV requirement.

    We also have Taco nights and Breakfast for Dinner nights too.

  3. movie night & game night started w good intentions around here until the kids got older and were doing different things at different times :-/ i'm a person who doesn't watch t.v. so i'm rarely watching, and if the movie consists of things being blown up and no brain cells to watch, you usually won't see me watching those either. o.k., well that's not entirely true as i do like to go to the movies and 'escape'. the girls and i saw bedtime stories at the theater. we enjoyed it. it was one of the few adam sandler movies i can handle hehe

  4. Once my daughter is a little older (shes only 5.5 months now) I will be sure to start ________ (fill in blank)

    Great post.

  5. How awesome. This is one of those things that your kids are going to look back on fondly as they go on in their adult lives - and may even do it with their children someday.

    Great post - happy FF!

  6. We built a "Drama Room", complete with Stage, Movie Screen, Karaoke with wirelss mics, and yeah, even a disco ball. So now, on weekends, we have mini-concerts and dance. Daddy doesnt sing too well, and our little one exclaims, (often): Daddy, don't do that, Dont do that Daddy"...she's 2 ;-)

  7. I think traditions are great. Maybe I will come up with some good ones some day.

  8. Tres Muey cool. On Friday nights all of the Weasels have a group "sleepover" in the living room and watch movies to sleep all camped out on the floor and furniture.

  9. We do Family Game Nights, and when one of our fave shows is on (like The Amazing Race), we eat dinner in the tv room. Sometimes we even do special themed dinner nights with certain movies and stuff like that. Very fun!

  10. That's a cool idea. We are about to do this in our house. Our little man's first birthday is in less than two weeks and we are introducing a family tradition from my wife's family. We bought this cake plate that has a music box at the bottom that plays happy birthday to you. So, starting with his first birthday we will use this new cake plate for all family birthdays. It meant a lot to my wife to find the cake plate, since it took her back to her childhood. Should be fun.


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