Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Swing Set - RIP


A swing set is a wonderful thing for a young and growing family. I remember when we got our first swing set. It came as part of a house we purchased a few years ago. We ended up moving and took our swing set with us.

I remember spending days taking it apart piece by piece and reassembling it in our new home. The kids would play for hours on their beloved swing set.

Then one day the swing set was vandalized. The rope holding the horse and the rope ladder was brutally slashed. Why would someone (or something) do such a thing? We will never know. All we can do is pray that it never happens again.

Moving time came again meaning it was time to dismantle and transport the swing set to our next home.

After getting the trucks unloaded we drug the swing set to the backyard where it would be carefully reassembled. Unfortunately that day would never come.

It was a crisp morning when the gruesome discovery was made. The swing set had been vandalized yet again. This time each rung of the ladder was broken in half, the floor on the "tree house" was completely dismantled. The top beam was broken in two and the tower was drug down the hill and abused beyond recognition. (Note: The swing set was not on our property when this happened. When we replace the swing set it will be safe and secure in our yard).

The kids lost a trusted friend that day. We had the remains taken away to that great swing set resting place in the sky.

It's great to see organizing a spring give-a-way of an exceptional swing set from Kids Creations. I'm looking forward to sharing the joy with the lucky winner of the swing set. It will be a great addition to the family, one where memories will be made and joy will reign.

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  1. Best of luck, I will add your final tweet into the tallies. Hope you stop by for the live drawing tomorrow. ~ Joe


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