Friday, June 5, 2009

A Clean Summer

Random thoughts on bathing the kids...

While brushing the teeth of my 8 year old boy, Skippy, last night I asked him, "Don't you feel good being clean". He said no, he liked being dirty. He spent the day at a "I Love Bugs" camp playing with bugs and fishing and he earned his filth.

Two months ago my oldest boy, after several days of camping and caving, came home with a layer of dirt caked on him. It was literally like pigpen. He thought it was cool to touch his skin and a puff of dust would come off him.

Last night I had two baths going. My daughter was in one bath tub asking to be "waterboarded". Just for the record waterboarding is where I rinse the hair without cover their face. I'm not extracting information from them for national security reasons...I have other techniques for that, anyway...

My son was in the other bathroom taking a shower. For him a shower means sitting on the floor of the shower and emptying out the shampoo bottle so he can "clean" the shower walls and floor. When he uses shampoo on his head he only does the top of his head.

We force our kids to have a least 2 baths a week sometimes more if the have a heavy dirt day. The rule, if you can see dirt and grime take a bath. Fortunately with Summer here, cleaning the kids will be easier.

We will spend more time at the pool this season. It's so much easier to get the kids clean after swimming. I just have them all get into the showers and squirt them down with soap and tell them to have fun.

Have a clean Summer!


  1. we give our son a bath every night. So far, he seems to really enjoy it. I'm sure that will change as he get's a little older and rebellious.

  2. Nice post...I was fortunate to find all these great blogs from the Dad Blogs site...This was funny.

    Although, growing up we always considered swimming in a pool as a preemptive bath...If it cleans the finger nails it must clean the rest of the body too, right?

    If you don't mind I'd like to add your blog to my rolls at

  3. A dirty child is a happy child. It means they have had fun. I love that you 'waterboard' your kids, that's hysterical.


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