Friday, July 3, 2009

Remembering the Little People

We don't read Little Bear much anymore in my house. It was a daily reading back when the kids were smaller.

One of my favorite stories is "Little Bear Goes to the Moon". In this story Little Bear is like Tony Robbins. Little bear didn't give a rip what you thought, he was going to the moon. That was a positive mental attitude.

Or the time where he heard footsteps and was freaked out so he ran but the foot steps kept getting closer...CLOSER... and bam. It was (spoiler alert) just his shoes.

There was another story where Little Bear's mom, aptly named Mother Bear, was telling him some stories and Little bear wanted a story about himself. My kids are like that, they love to hear stories about themselves.

You know the down side of parenting is that once you get to know these cute little people they leave and are replaced by an older cute person. Then that little guy leaves and in comes a older lankier (yet cute) person. These new little people don't remember the baby version or little toddler version they replaced. Telling them stories helps keep all these different little people connected.

I love being a father. You get to know all these little people who, if they are lucky, might become adults. Looking further down the time line, I cant quite make out this adult versions of these little ones. I'm looking forward to meeting them but there is no rush.

Right now I need to wrestle with these little ones who live with us today...


  1. I wish my memory were better. I'm already starting to forget the little peopele so much so that I forget the stories! Thank God for digital cameras and camcorders.

  2. I really enjoy your writing. Nice post.

  3. Great post. I already miss the little, little people that used to live at my house, but not enough to bring another one in ;)


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