Friday, August 7, 2009

Your New Daddy - The Federal Government

[I apologize that this post is political in nature, this space is usually reserved for personal fatherhood stuff. It seems that our Government is trying to move into the role that fathers are primary: teaching, nuturing and leading our families and children. Now on to the post -Craig]

I would like to introduce to your your new daddy - Uncle Sam. On this Fatherhood Friday I felt is was fitting to tell you the good news - the nanny state is here to be your daddy!

You remember you dad growing up:
  • Let you borrow the car.
  • He would loan you money if you needed it.
  • If you get hurt, he was there for you.
  • Not sure what to do with your future, he would have some wise words.
  • Helped you learn through failure.
  • He would say, don't be a tattle-tale.
But that was then...

The Federal Government (Our New Daddy).
  • Give you $4500 to buy a car
  • Borrowed too much to buy a home? He is there.
  • If you get hurt he will pay for a doctor to see you next year.
  • Worried about your future? He will give you a card to the nearest welfare office.
  • Have you failed at something? Nonsense, you didn't fail, you were just disadvantaged.
  • Is someone disagreeing with you? You send daddy an email right away and he will show them the error of their ways.


  1. I don't think my new step-dad likes me very much, he won't give me any money to get a car and I pay my mortgage on time, so he could care less about my real estate woes. Hmm.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I guess that is someone new on my birthday card list!

  3. I love this! So well stated and I can't believe a lack of comments. Nice work. I will be tweeting this.

  4. I stayed up quite late last night, writing a lengthy letter to one of my senators in response to a video he made asking everyone to basically "calm down." Can't wait to get the answers to the ten questions I asked!

  5. I'm with PJ on this one. I found a job with good health insurance, and also pay my mortgage on time, so no love here. Granted there are people out there who can't help themselves. But I know far too many who abuse their daddy and he never lays the smack down, just keeps giving, and giving, but taking away from the good kids.

  6. I was feeling this same frustration about Uncle Sam. I wish he'd knock it off. I already have one Dad, I don't want or need another.
    Great post! I'm going to spread the word for everyone to read this!

  7. Are you kidding?? Isn't this just a "right wing conspiracy"? Isnt' anyone against Obamacare an uneducated idiot??? The best line I heard from a Senator in support of the bill this week was: "The government already runs the military health care system and Medicare. This is just a larger version." RUFKM? I've been a member of military health care for 25 years...Had to go to the hospital five times for seizures before they would run any legit tests...Get the government out of your life quickly!!! This whole daily briefing and asking the press to "stop covering aggressive town hall meetings" is apalling....I didn't vote for this, did you?

  8. Aside from the health care reform that's up for debate, how is this different from anything in the past??

    Government hand outs have been around in many forms for decades.
    Obama gave us $4,500 for Cars for Clunkers to stimulate the economy, Bush handed out refunds in the hopes people would spend it to stimulate the economy.
    Obama didn't invent welfare and it was Dubya who inherited a balanced budget from Bill Clinton and then ran up the national debt higher than Lindsey Lohan on a Saturday night.

    So I'm not really sure how any of this is "new" and it's certainly not clear how things are any worse under our current president. I see a lot of right wing conspiracy theorists crying "socialist!" and misrepresenting the facts to suit their own arguments.


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