Friday, August 28, 2009

One Power of Being Old…Warp Speed

By: Craig
To a two year old a year is 50% of a lifetime. To an eleven year old a school year might as well be a lifetime.
Today I had to get Firstborn up before 6am for school. He asked me if this was going to be every week and I told him just for the school year. He said that might as well be forever…
The I remembered my new super power…Warp speed.
  • To a 38 year old, a week is 1/1976th or 0.05% of my life so far.
  • To a 11 year old a week is 1/572nd or 0.17% of his life.
So doing some rough math, time is traveling 3.5 times faster for me than my 11 year old. In other words a week to me is like 2 days for him.
ff Lets take it a step further and think about my grandfather who just turned 90 years old. A week is 1/4680th of his life or 0.02% of his life. So a month to him is like about 4 days to my 11 year old.
My point here is that time accelerates with age. For me a month is no big deal, it flies by. Years are starting to feel short. Didn’t we just have Christmas?
So what’s the moral of this little story…I have no idea. I need to take my nap, I’m old.


  1. Time always seems to go faster with age for sure. Being an engineer I love that you gave me some math to define this phenomenon.

  2. Ouch. You're making my head hurt.

  3. I absolutely love it! You actually explained why it seems that time goes faster as we get older! Brilliant!

  4. I think I need a nap after reviewing your math :)

    I'm dumbfounding that we are more than 2/3 of the way through the year already, but I just do everything I can to make each day count.


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