Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Twitter Directly Impacts Blogging

I miss writing on my blog. Writing a blog is cathartic, you can get stuff out, create something. You might even have someone else read it, like your mom (as long as you email it to her and call her asking her to check your blog for an updated post).

You see, I have been microblogging for the past few weeks on "The Twitter". Not macroblogging - micro. It's like blogging but you dont have to think. You dont have to develop a thought. You just forward stuff. Or "write" something like the following tweet I wrote myself last month, "Funny" 8:26 PM Jul 29th.

Twitter is wild stuff. Such a versitile application. So many applications piggy back on this phenom. Major League Baseball inegrates it into it's site so fans can talk while the game is on...cool stuff.

Twitter is like looking at a bulletin board at your local coffee shop, mostly stuff you would not need to know, but you can see what people are up to. By the way my twitter profile is @craigmar. Whoops, A.D.D. moment...back to the blog.

So I'm thinking I may write a blog post tonight. As I probe my brain I find nothing. A little deeper, still nothing. Not even a flicker of creativity, I guess I'll go send a tweet.

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  1. BTW, this is my first time here, but I want to comment on the political vs. personal blogging thing. I never talk politics and my blog and probably never will, but I do think intelligent people need to wake up to this stuff, and blogging is a good way to do it. I've increased my education and am writing my representatives in Congress. I'm not going to take this lying down, either. Going to my first town meeting on Monday...


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