Friday, September 25, 2009

The Art of Brush Teeth


I have been a parent for 11 years and ever since the eruption of the first baby tooth my wife and I have been brushing teeth.   For 4333 days we have been brushing teeth on these little people.  I estimate a about 4 years to go…another 1460 days!

We try to brush the 7 and 9 years old, my 11 years old does pretty good on his own.  Here is the ideal flow of our teeth brushing time at my house.


The above workflow happens most of the time, except for step 4 which has never happened.  Thinking about brushing teeth raises a few questions:

  • What did people do 200 years ago, did their teeth just fall out?
  • What’s with the flossing scam.  I have gone to the dentist many times and they say “looks like you’ve been flossing well, keep it up”.  I’m thinking, “sucker…ya I floss regularly… once every 3 months”
  • Why do kids hate brushing their teeth?  In fact kids detest anything that promotes health and well-being, why?  For more on clean kids read “A Clean Summer”

ffAnd lastly my sweet daughter.  She despises “minty”.    About once a month her daddy uses the minty toothpaste and she suffers and screams “It’s too minty” while white foam spews out of her mouth and she runs in place suffering from the intense “mint”.  Sorry Pinkerbelle.

There you have it, the Art of Brushing. Happy Fatherhood Friday.


  1. I've never gotten that either. So, I tried an empirical experiment. I flossed religiously twice a day and sometimes with a waterpik, or at least as often as I could remember, and got high marks at the dentist office. In between my next visit I flossed when I remembered, or felt like I needed to. Next visit, bam, same thing. "You're doing great" Obviously those four out of five dentists are WRONG :)

  2. OH man! We have issues with everyone under age 15 brushing their teeth without putting up a fight.


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