Monday, September 7, 2009

First Grader Fights Obama Indoctrination in Public School

By: Craig

We teach our kids to think for themselves and to not fall for slogans, mantras or empty promises. 

We teach respect for the office of the President.  It’s a tough job and it demands our appreciation and honor.  After all the person who is president has to make life and death decision every day and is charged with protecting our land.

The great thing about our country is you can respect the office and the individual in the presidency but you can disagree with everything that individual stands for.  That is where I find myself during this presidency. 

In December of 2008 my daughter came home with an activity booklet about our new president Barack Obama.

I wanted to take you through some of the her thinking page by page.

bo1Notice the heart with the the line through it.  She also made a sad face.  She knows our family is not the biggest Obama fans.

bo2 You can see another heart with a big “X” through it. 


bo3She crosses our the title of both pages.  There is an “x” at the top of each page.  This is the page where they learn that Obama wants to make a new America.  Who needs that crummy old America.

bo4 Find the words in the puzzle.  The remaining words spell (wait for it….) Obama!!

bo5 Draw his face.  Did you know that he is half black and half white.  The perfect one to bring together all peoples.  Kids, draw half of his face.

Today Obama is going to address the school kids to tell them to stay in school, set goals, do you best, etc.  These ideas are all good.  I read the transcript of his speech and I don't have a problem with it on the surface.

My question is simply, why does Obama need to tell the kids something they are already being told?  Is it to gain influence over them?  To be a role model?

Do I want Obama (the person) to be positioned as a role model for my kids to look up to?  I have yet to see a policy that I feel is good for this country or my family.

So, do I want this influence piped directly to my kids while they are in school?  No thanks, I will pass.


  1. I am not overly thrilled with Obama, so this isn't coming from a blind follower.

    I had this thought when I was reading his speech for Tuesday - yes, it does repeat what we're already telling our kids ("My question is simply, why does Obama need to tell the kids something they are already being told?"), but I think there are a lot of kids out there without the support structure at home that aren't hearing it every day. If it plants a seed in some of those kids, it's worth it. For kids like Nicholas who already accept getting an education as a foregone conclusion, it's a positive reinforcement I can live with. (If Nicholas grows up to be an extreme liberal, we'll talk more then!) Anne S.

  2. as i look through your daughter's drawings, those are not her own thoughts. those are the thoughts of a family she knows does not like obama.(esp if she's only in 1st grade) our kids learn from us first, school second, and everyone else third.

    did you have a problem w past presidents addressing students about education?? obama's will not be the first educational speech given by a president.

    as for me, i gave my tweens/teen a choice. if they did not want to view the speech i could fill out a paper saying that i didn't want them watching it. they all chose to watch it. it will be up to them to deduce obama's speech. i have my own thoughts on the speech, but they are mine. it will be interesting to see what my kids' takes will be.

  3. @ciara Thanks Ciara. Good thoughts. I'm not going to take the kids out of school for this speech and have never had a problem with any president addressing the kids. My problem was with the approach the Whitehouse used with the speech originally with focus on how the kids can help Obama.

  4. Hi Craig. I enjoyed your blog and seeing what your sweet daughter thinks. I had no idea that they had given out these types of workbooks to chidren back in 2008. I disagree with Ciara but that is the beauty of the country we live in my dad fought for us to disagree. Children are impressionable and can be swayed in positive and negative ways. I don't have an issue with him saying do well in school and set goals. I think saying giving up on yourself is giving up on this country. That might be a bit harsh. I personally as you Craig am scared for my country due to the things that Obama has said and not said. He told us to look at those around him to know what he thinks. Van Jones is a communist and that scares me. I know people who came to my school back when Russia was still the soviet union and it was scary and horrible to hear things that they told us about their day to day lives. Ciara i do want to say that maybe this little girl truly does not like Obama or is scared. Not saying family doesn't influence the children but I think she has a right to voice her feelings. great blog craig.

  5. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I'm not scared for the country but I am concerned about limiting the damage of this current administration. Then are pushing so hard and so fast to gain ground before America wakes up.

    I'm actually very excited for the next couple election cycles. The liberals have shown their cards and I think it's going to be tough for them to appeal to the average American.

  6. Hi Craig.

    I'm new here, and boy, did I pick the right (or maybe wrong) post to start with. I'm an elementary school principal, and I was told by our district to leave it up to teachers whether or not to show the speech, and give parents the chance to "opt out."

    I have a problem with this. As you mentioned, we should respect the Presidency regardless of who the President is (unless you're talking criminal activity and whatnot). Lord knows, I had my problems with the last one. The whole scenario with the message to students got blown way out of proportion. I don't think "you don't have to listen to what the President says if you don't want to" (not obey, or blindly follow . . . just listen respectfully)is a great message for our kids to be getting. Certainly it's never come up before, and other Presidents have indeed addressed students.

    Brings up a question, doesn't it? Why Obama? Why now? Do kids really have a strong opinion on health care?

    Sorry for the rant. You and I disagree, but I have a lot of respect for your approach and reason. I didn't see a lot of that on Tuesday around our school.

    Take care,


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