Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pride & Prejudice – Man-Card Revoked.

I’m sorry men. I may have my man-card revoked for this one. I’m going to review on a DVD my wife has been watching while I sit next to her called, Pride and Prejudice.

pandpApparently I have seen this super long “movie” before. (It might have been some kind of mini-series) . It’s a story I am somewhat familiar with. I get it all mixed up with Emma and other movies with all these same actors. Sense and Sensibility seem to be like Pride and Prejudice. For all I know it may be the same movie. Anyway. Here is a guys-guide to Pride and Prejudice.

This is a good movie. I get the characters mixed up so I’ll just describe them as I know them.

The movie centers around this aloof guy named Mr. Darcy. He walks around pouting. It’s an easy acting role, just dont make any facial expression and you can nail it. He uses this aloof-ness to get the ladies to check him out. He apparently likes the main character (pictured to the right), don't recall her name at the moment. I though she was “Jane” but…oh yes, it’s Elizabeth. (70% sure).

Mr. Darcy is some kind of high society guy who doesn't like to talk to people below him. At some point he given a cold shoulder to a guy. He eventually gets the girl in the end but has some mental issue about it. One time Mr. Darcy said he loved the main character against his better judgment or something, you had to see it for yourself, it was good writing.

mr-bennet My favorite character is the dad -- Mr. Bennet (I think that’s his name.) He has the skill to put up with his very obnoxious wife, I guess her name would be Mrs. Bennett. My favorite line is to his wife that goes something like this (from memory, paraphrasing) “I’m sure I don't have the pleasure of understanding a word you are saying”.

He has many lines that are good but because I was reading some news on the internet while watching the movie, I cant remember the exact wording. The bottom line is he knows how to handle his wife and people around him with humor.

The overall story takes place hundreds of years ago. The author, Jane Austin wrote this story in the early 18 hundred, I think. My wife was horrified when I told her I thought Jane Austin was a modern-day writer. I knew the movie was set in the olden-days. But, it was actually written in the olden-days. That little tid-bit didn’t stick when I was in high school English class. I’ll have to check my cliff noted on that one…

What else can I tell you about this story? We are going to watch more of it tonight, I don't remember how it ends or if it ended already. I thought the movie was over when Elizabeth dissed Mr. Darcy. Done. But no, the story went on it was just the end of that DVD. Yes, it’s multiple DVD’s.

I don't want you to leave here thinking I don't like this story. The parts I paid attention to are very good. There is some great humor and a bunch of politicking and groups of girls talking trash about other groups. There are some crazy people who are shunned by other people.

There’s this old lady that this reverend talks about all the time. He is going to inherit some money from, maybe. Or maybe she is a big donor to his church or something?

This reverend is quite funny. He wanted to marry the main character but marries another more homely character. And she puts up with him but doesn't really love him. I guess she is just using him for his money, which he doesn't have.carolinebingley

There is one lady who looks manly (see right). She is like the wicked step sister and always seem to have a problem with the main character. I’m sure there is a reason but I didn’t catch it.

In summary, Pride and Prejudice is a great movie that has been around for a long time written by a great author. There is something for everyone and hours upon hours of dialog. The story lends itself to zoning in and out, maybe taking a nap them getting right back into without feeling like you missed anything. The companion movie Sense and Sensibility seems exactly the same. It’s may be a part 2 movie or a prequel?

UPDATE:  Man card revoked!!!



  1. Wow, I have sat through this rendition of P&P many times with Amber. She just loves watching all the bored girls diss'in each other. My favorite character is Lady Cathrine Deburg (sic).

    your little bro

  2. I don't think you get the privalege of getting your man card revoked as you cannot even name all the characters in the story. Seriously, thinking you could take a nap? NO WAY!!!!! Every minute, nay, every second of dialogue is important and if you think you can just pick up where you left off maybe that is why you can't understand all the underlying plots. You are right when you say Mr. Darcy does pout as you put it. There is also a lot of intense staring that goes on which you failed to mention. These eye dialogues are equally important in a world where no one really says what they mean. I did find your analyzation of the movie quite entertaining, even laughing at such vigor during the first paragraph that I had to stop reading because I was crying. But overall, shameful to admit you didn't know Jane Austin was a historical figure. I would suggest the movie Daniel Deronda which is also multiple disks but may be a little easier for you to follow as the main character is a man.


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