Friday, October 16, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

ff Pinkerbelle just lost a front tooth.  It was a traumatic lose.  The tooth was dangling by a thin ligament for weeks.  It was so loose that she was able to place the tooth on her lower lip, close her mouth and wiggle it.   I need to give the tooth credit, it put up a good fight to stay in her mouth, until it met the chocolate chip cookie.
  But after about 30 minutes it was all good…
IMG_4194 (1)

A Word About the Tooth Fairy…

I leave a note with the tooth fairy and for some reason I usually add a threat from T.F.  The one I left this time was, “T.F. was here.  Thanks for the tooth.  Maybe next time I wont take just one.”  Other notes in the past have been, “next time I'll bring a wrench”, “had trouble breaking in the window this time.”  We have fun with it and they know it’s me.
That reminds me of when the kids discovered the Easter Bunny was a fake…Funny video

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