Wednesday, December 2, 2009

US Government Sues Navy Seals for Giving Terrorist a Fat Lip

Are we living in some kind of weird parallel universe?  A place where “up” is “down”, “good” is “bad”, “right” is “left” and “heroes” are “villains”.  A bizzaro world?

In March 2004, four U.S. citizens (contracted by the US government to deliver food to caterers in Iraq) were ambushed by terrorists lead by Ahmed Hashim Abed.  The Americans were dragged from their cars and beaten to death.  Their bodies were set on fire and hung off a bridge.  This event triggered the first Battle of Fallujah.

Ahmed was tracked down and caught by four Navy Seals this September.  Terrorist Ahmed sustained a fat lip and was punched in the stomach.

Our government rewarded these heroes with a law suit.  This week the Navy Seals will have to face a court-martial for protecting our interests by delivering a fat-lip and a fist to the stomach of a terrorist.

Could someone explain to me why we are wasting time, energy and money worrying about the comfort of terrorists.  They are the enemy!  They want us dead!

Come on people, we can at least let our soldiers punch the enemy, rough them up a little.  Instead we focus on giving them our constitutional right.  The exact opposite thing you would expect a country at war to do. 

I guess if it can work for George on Seinfeld, maybe it will work for the U.S. too…

See or cbs for more about this story.

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