Friday, April 23, 2010

So He Went to School

This morning while my wife and daughter were asleep, myIMG00226-20100423-1954 middle son, Skippy, wrote a note and left the house. 

He got on his bus and went to school, leaving everyone asleep in the house.  For some reason I have been laughing about this all day.  This has never happened before. 

Our house is usually bustling with lunch making panic and hunting for shoes.  But this morning, I was at work, Firstborn was already at school and Holly and Pinkerbelle overslept.

I wonder what this 9 year old was thinking.  “The house is quiet, my mom is asleep, my sister is asleep.  I guess I will  just head off to school.”

ff I’m proud that he took personal responsibility and got himself ready, made his lunch, wrote a note and got on the bus on time.  But the 9 year old boy in him said “Who cares my sister misses the bus.”  “Mom’s asleep, whatever, I’ll leave a note.”

And he went.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Craig at the Masters, Coaching Tiger

I had a chance to give Tiger some pointers today while he was playing at the Masters.  You may not know this, but he was out of the game for a while.  He brought me in as a special consultant to help him orchestrate his return to the game.


I was hit in the shoulder on this one.


Short game could use some help.


Watching his swing.

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An Easter In Pictures


Decorating The Eggs


With protective gloves


Picking some colorful vegetation for mommy.



Three Easter Egg Hunts. 


Packaging up the eggs for the hunt.  Ya, the kids did the work.  That how this Easter Bunny rolls.


An elegant Sunday Dinner.


The last hunt of the day.

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