Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unions of Wisconsin, Did you see this?

Wisconsin Population Density Map

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The “people” are united behind you Governor.  Here’s a poll you should read…

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1) Do you support Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to reduce the power of public employee unions in his state?

Yes, I support him: 74 percent
No, I don’t support him: 25 percent

2) Do you believe public employee unions have become too powerful?
Yes, too powerful: 75 percent
No, not too powerful: 24 percent

3) Do you believe public employee union members should be paid less, the same or more than employees with similar jobs in the private sector?
Pay them the same: 83 percent
Pay them less: 11 percent
Pay them more: 4 percent

4) Do you believe President Obama was right when he came out against Gov. Walker?
Obama was right: 24 percent
Obama was wrong: 75 percent

5) Do you plan on voting to re-elect President Obama in 2012?
Yes, re-elect: 18 percent
No, for another candidate: 74 percent
Not sure right now: 6 percent

You still can vote in the Newsmax poll — Click Here Now.

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